We Strive to Restore Health Rather Than Fight Disease

Patient Testimonials

  • “Dr. Foley works in conjunction with my acupuncturist. They met while treating my mother for osteoarthritis and scoliosis and kept her walking and relatively pain free until near the end of her life. My mother was not an easy patient, but she loved Dr. Foley and respected him. Dr. Foley is open to other ways of seeing, will tell you in layperson’s terms what is wrong, and will tell you if he can help. He sometimes can predict (as with my carpal tunnel) how many sessions it will take if he can help your condition. Dr. Foley not only treats your symptoms, he helps prevent illness and pain. It is easy to know if you have pain but when you are pain free you are not always aware of how preventative treatment helped you remain pain free. Dr. Foley is a wonderful healer and my whole family is lucky we found him.”

    “With the help of Boston Osteopathic, I have never been healthier – I’m off all my meds, have much more energy and sleep better than I have in over a decade.”

  • “I have lived well as a juvenile diabetic since I was a child, but finally was diagnosed with a second endocrine disorder, the rare condition of Addison’s Disease. After a year and a half of surviving on Prednisone, acupuncture apparently had triggered sufficient recovery that I was able to wean off the steroid medication, but I was still very unwell in spite of low normal blood tests. Because only one in 100,000 people are diagnosed with this, medical professionals were limited in ideas of how to help. One doctor suggested that I receive treatment from Dr. Foley. Osteopathic treatments have offered a steady,  although slow, continued recovery without steroids, which is supposed to be impossible. For an Addisonian, traditional medical treatment considers the dropping of steroid treatment to lead to fatality, but I continue to show low normal results when tested. I could not dare live this way without excellent monitoring, which Dr. Foley does in regular treatments. Better yet, I have hope of continuing to strengthen rather than decline.”

    “Dr. Foley has rebalanced my body, repaired the mind-body connection post hospitalization. My midline once again, is beautifully balanced.”

  • “I first came to Dr. Foley because I was experiencing pain from an appendectomy that had occurred a year prior. Dr. Foley identified and relaxed the scar tissue, and the pain that had been bothering me for months was relieved in a few sessions. Since then he has helped put my body into balance, treating me as an integral whole but relieving specific symptoms such as acute TMJ, tendonitis, and neck pain. I literally carry his business cards in my purse to hand to friends who complain of persistent pain and imbalance. He is one health care provider I totally trust, because he has consistently helped me so much.”

    “Quite amazing results with both pain and PTSD anxiety symptoms. Also lovely environment and sense of space. Dr. Foley, she is a wonder.”

  • I strongly recommend Dr. Foley, who is highly knowledgeable in both osteopathy and general medicine. His bedside manner is calm and patient, and he is always open to explaining things in more detail. I contacted Dr. Foley regarding pain in both my outer hip from running and in my right shoulder due to tennis. After ~6 visits over five months, my pain is gone. During that time, he recommended an 8 week break from running and then slowly re-building. With his help I am now running ~20 miles a week with no pain. Dr. Foley does not intend to “hook” you into ongoing visits, rather he created a plan to treat you and then send you on your way. Dr. Foley also noticed my cyst-like adult acne, which I had for several years. Instead of the antibiotic I was taking, he suggested probiotics, along with more natural lotions. After a few months of transition, my skin is quite clear and manageable. The acne occurs infrequently and in a much smaller war, while I notice improvements each month.

    “I had years of lower back pain, sometimes to the point of being unable to stand up or walk. Osteopathy changed my life. With occasional ‘tune-up’ treatments, I can now be very active physically, including heavy workouts and classes at my gym.”

  • “Dr. Foley is a talented osteopath with a great passion for what he does. He has treated me personally for some bothersome hip pain towards the end of my pregnancy which helped tremendously. I am still very thankful for that. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her health. If you have not ever experienced a cranial osteopathic treatment, give Dr. Foley a call and you will be in good hands.”

    “The care at BOH has been outstanding! Dr. Foley is a very gifted doctor who has been able to improve my life considerably! I highly recommend him!”

  • “Before I came to Boston Osteopathic Health, I had suffered from migraines 6 days every month for over 30 years. I had tried every traditional and alternative treatment to no avail, even several medications, headache clinics, acupuncture, reiki, and energy therapy. The only treatments that have helped me are here at Boston Osteopathic Health. I have been seeing Dr. Foley for a little over a year. Almost immediately, my migraines decreased in frequency, intensity and duration. Now I have not had a migraine in 4 months. I am very grateful to Dr. Foley for the excellent care I have gotten here. He is a very knowledgeable, attentive and caring doctor. Ambi at the front desk is so friendly, it feels very welcoming to be a patient at this practice.”

    “Bill is an excellent, bar-none Osteopathic Physician in the truest sense. Highest recommendation.”

  • “I have been seeing Dr. Foley for chronic back pain since 2007.  He has helped me through a very difficult pregnancy and made the daily pain more manageable.  Prior to seeing Dr. Foley my back pain was debilitating on a weekly basis and now I have weeks with little to no pain that I never thought would be possible.  He also helped with muscle cramps, sinus infections, acid reflux, and yeast infections though natural supplements and minor manipulation.  Dr. Foley is a very professional, but personable physician who takes the time to get to know his patients and appropriately and successfully treat symptoms in the least restrictive manner possible.”

    “Dr. Foley is an exceptional practitioner who is highly devoted to providing quality care to his patients. His knowledge of osteopathic manipulation and his enthusiasm in treating patients is accompanied with excellent results.”

  • “I found Boston Osteopathic after years of limited success with chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy.  Now I am almost completely pain free and as a bonus, the rash that has plagued me for years is gone.  Dr. Foley’s medical understanding is so much broader than any physician I have seen and has offered me the best perspective to make my health care choices.  He is very comfortable to talk to about any topic and his sense of humor keeps you smiling.  Boston Osteopathic is a wonderful place to rediscover your health.”

    “Dr. Foley is abundantly talented. I call him Dr. Magic at home. He has helped me get a good nights sleep regularly, after years of problems falling and/or staying asleep. He’s taken away my backaches which were regular and often acutely painful. He’s also helped friends with TMJ and menstrual issues.”

  • “I spent a lot of hours working on a computer in my career, sometimes 60-80 hours a week.  My neck, back, and stomach were constantly giving me feedback related to the long hours associated with sitting at a desk.  My ribcage began to adapt to the posture I was subjecting myself to and it literally made it difficult for me to breathe at times.  Over time I had begun to think this was “normal.”  Dr. Foley has helped immensely not only with my neck and back pain but he also helped identify the root cause of my stomach issues that impact my quality of life both in the office and outside the office.  I can say he’s helped me to be able to breathe easily again.”

    – Joe S. from Millbury, MA

    “Dr. Foley takes time to listen carefully to my symptoms and feelings before the treatment starts and gears that treatment to what your body needs. Dr. Foley is one of the rare doctors who really listens.”

  • “The care at BOH has been absolutely amazing.  After seeing multiple specialists with no improvement, I had just about given up hope that I would ever feel better.  Not only have my symptoms significantly improved but I have been treated as a whole person rather than just a body part.  Finding a health care professional in this day and age who truly listens and cares about helping his patients is a tall order.  Dr. Foley has changed the quality of my life for the better.  Not to be overlooked is the office staff.  Every phone call or office visit is always pleasant and helpful.  Many doctors’ offices I have visited had staff that ranged from unpleasant to downright rude.  I know whenever I talk to Ambi, I will have a friendly and good-humored interaction.  I would not hesitate to recommend BOH to anyone.”

    “I was having severe lower back pain from an old ice skating injury. I could barely work, and a friend suggested I see Dr. Foley. I was able to see him on short notice, and by the next morning I was able to stand up straight. After a second treatment, my back pain was alleviated.”

  • “Dr. Foley has treated my musculoskeletal and general medical problems for years.  He always helps and combines osteopathic with conventional medical care.  Dr. Foley is caring and skilled.  I would recommend him to anyone and have done so numerous times.  He has also helped my daughter with allergies and a leg length discrepancy which is no longer there.”

    “The doctors are skilled, excellent practitioners who are compassionate, gentle and produce superb results so that I can function normally again.  Ambi is superbly efficient, organized, and has a great sense of humor which puts patients at ease.”

  • “Before I came to see Dr. Foley I had been suffering from chronic back and neck pain, fatigue, insomnia, muscle tightness, and TMJ symptoms.  I had seen many other doctors, physical therapists, cranio-sacral therapists, pain specialists, and chiropractors.  All of these treatments would seem to work for a short time but the pain and fatigue would always come back.  I was also treated with multiple medications including muscle relaxers and narcotics.  It felt normal to have headaches everyday and not to be able to go out and do things in my 20s and early 30s.

    Dr. Foley’s approach of medical and holistic has had a very positive effect on my life and behavior.  I have now incorporated habits such as mediation, stretches, supplements, and decaffeinated drinks into my daily life.  After the first few treatments my pain was greatly reduced and my energy had increased.  That alone was a huge improvement for me.  As my quality of life improved, I was more confident to do things I forgot I enjoyed without the worry of over exerting myself or exhausting myself.  I was able to continue to reduce the medication I was on, including my asthma medication and over the counter pain killers.  Finally my headaches have been reduced from a couple of them a week to not even one every month.  These changes have made me feel clearer in both my work and home life.  This treatment is still a process that I must work at to maintain but already things have improved so much that I am very willing to continue to the effort.”

    “I am 7 years still recovering from a neck injury sustained in a bus accident.  Dr. Foley has helped me a ton.  He knows his stuff!  Half my family comes here now!”

  • “Bill’s work is well recognized in the community of integrative health care practitioners that I work with in the Boston area. I have experienced his work personally and can speak highly of its effectiveness. I often refer my patients to him to round out my care.”

    “I’ve had severe foot pain because I am a dancer and had two foot operations, acupuncture, physical therapy, orthotics (everything!).  But nothing worked until I came to see Dr. Foley.  He was the only doctor able to make me feel good again, and not just for my feet and legs – my whole body – my whole being.  That sounds corny but it’s true.  He not only re-aligns me physically but he removes any “energy obstructions” that I may have.  I’m not into all the new age energy healing stuff but whatever Dr. Foley does with his slight painless manipulations works.”

  • “So comforting and amazingly helpful after I was hit by a car while walking.  Very kind, caring people.”

    “Dr. Kristin Foley has been a godsend for me.  I arrived at her door two years ago with debilitating head pain.  I had seen a cranio-sacral therapist for four years, and there were improvements.  However, that person confessed that she did not have what I needed for further progress.  Kristin was so keenly aware of what I needed the first time she examined me.  She has been able to do what was necessary without question to bring me relief and stability.  She is sensitive, perceptive, and effective.”

  • “After a car accident in 1996, I experienced constant brain fog and headaches.  After only three treatments with Dr. Kristin Foley my brain fog completely cleared and my headaches have greatly diminished.  I am truly grateful to her and the life altering work that she does.”

    “Boston Osteopathic is the best osteopathy practice I have experienced (out of several).  The atmosphere is truly peaceful, calm, and relaxing.  The receptionist, Ambi, is very friendly and helpful.  I saw Dr. Riggert, who is the best osteopath I have ever seen.  She is very talented and professional, really listens carefully, and is calm, encouraging, and positive.  The benefit of her treatment lasted longer than those of other osteopaths I have visited.  Wish I lived closer!”

  • “After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and a number of other ailments, I’ve worked with many practitioners to regain my health.  Dr. Foley’s osteopathic treatments are the glue that brings everything together for me and allows me to live an active and productive life.”

    Dr. Foley’s osteopathic treatments are the glue that brings everything together for me and allows me to live an active and productive life.

  • “I feel so much better today after my treatment.  I finally had a decent nights sleep – hard to believe after just one osteopathic treatment.  You are a gifted doctor.”

    “After an osteopathic treatment I have less spasms in my neck, right arm, and hand.  By seeing Dr. Foley I can go a week or more without any spasms or pain at all.  Otherwise, I am in constant severe pain.”

  • “My care here has been excellent.”

    “My treatment here eliminated the TMJ- as there seemed no other way to treat it.  The Rheumatic was treated with medicine by my Rheumatic physician, also a D.O.  The treatment here allowed me to move more easily, and it is now in remission.”

  • Dr. Kristin Foley was a godsend to me when my craniosacral therapist of four years confessed she could no longer help me. Kristin was so keenly aware of what I needed the first time she examined me. Without question, she brings me relief and stability. She is sensitive, perceptive, and effective.

    Dr. Kristin Foley was a godsend to me when my craniosacral therapist of four years confessed she could no longer help me. Kristin was so keenly aware of what I needed the first time she examined me. Without question, she brings me relief and stability. She is sensitive, perceptive, and effective.

Why Boston Osteopathic Health?

At Boston Osteopathic we treat dental, digestive, ear, nose & throat, genetic, genitourinary, neurological, orthopedic, pediatric, pregnancy, psychiatric, respiratory or somatic conditions. We strive to restore health rather than fight disease.
Our holistic physicians believe there is a relationship between the body’s structure and function and it has an innate ability to heal itself. They devote themselve’s to caring for your health and understand you are unique thus requiring individualized analysis and treatment.
We see you as a whole human being taking into consideration body, mind and spirit. Our treatment plans combine traditional osteopathic manipulation with both conventional and alternative medicine so you can achieve maximum results.