Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

You can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you would like more information, please call us at 617-431-4451.
Why don’t you take my insurance?
It was a very difficult decision to not contract with insurance plans. We did so knowing, and regretting, that we would not be able to see some people that we would really want to.

The reality is that most small osteopathic practices can’t cover their own costs.  The reason for this is that many insurance companies pay less for osteopathic services than it costs to provide the service.  Some companies try to make it hard to collect fees by using complex forms that are refused if not correctly and exactly filled out, by delaying payment, in some cases for years, by denying payment if the OMT was after the fact determined to be “not a proven therapy” or other little tricks.  Can you imagine what would happen if you called a plumber and said “my toilet is broken? Come over right away.  I’ll pay you 80% of the cost of your plumbing supplies and half your usual fee.  I’ll be sure to get the payment to you in the next two years, but only if you submit the correct form with the correct code on it.  If, after you leave, I determine it was not a “real” plumbing problem, I won’t pay you at all.”   You would probably be sitting there with a broken toilet for a long time.  We made the decision that we did not want to work this way as it took valuable time and energy away from our mission of helping patients.

Why should I pay at BOH when I can use my insurance elsewhere?
Of course, you may want to use your insurance elsewhere.  But most of our patients have tried other places and find us to be a better fit.  At BOH you will get enough time to have your questions answered; a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere; a knowledgeable, professional staff; and a comprehensive and flexible approach to treatment.  As a family owned practice you won’t have to change your physician as we have no turnover, making your continuity of care flawless.  Also, you will likely find services here that you can’t find at another practice including experts in traditional osteopathy. At BOH you will find advocates and partners in treatment, not disconnected diagnoses and recommendations that can’t be implemented.
Isn’t it a lot of money to spend?
Yes, it is a lot of money, but not for this type of treatment.  Our rates are very competitive with other osteopathic physicians both locally and nationally.
How do other practices that do take insurance survive?
Something has to compensate for the difference between the insurance payments and the costs.  Many institutions, like hospitals and large medical groups, are subsidized by their other sources of income, government contracts and grants, and charitable donations.  Some practices pay their employees poorly or skimp on benefits, and so there is often a high turnover.  Most medical institutions require their practitioners to severely limit the amount of time they spend with patients, making it hard to get a detailed history, perform an osteopathic exam (which is longer than a standard medical exam), provide a full body manipulative treatment, order any necessary tests, counsel on dietary changes, demonstrate home exercises, and answer your questions.
My insurance company says my BOH provider takes my insurance, but BOH says that isn’t so. Why?
Please note:  if your insurance company tells you that a physician listed above is an “in-network” provider, be careful to check at which location.  Often, insurance companies have not updated their system and have our physicians located in clinics that they have not worked for in years. Our physicians also hold positions at other facilities, where they may accept insurances that are not accepted at BOH.  That does not mean that they can bill the same insurance company for work at BOH: the facility holds the contract with the insurance company, not the provider. Our physicians provide services other than osteopathic manipulation in other locations that includes lecturing, nursing home care, etc.  However, they do not provide OMT anywhere but BOH.
Is OMT reimbursed by insurance or not?
Maybe.  It’s best to call your insurance company and ask.  It’s important to find out if you have out of network benefits. If so, you may be reimbursed for your care at BOH. Call your insurance company for the most accurate answer to this complex question.