Boston Osteopathic Health is trying to move into the 21st century (reluctantly). Some of you may have noticed that we are doing appointment reminders through text and email now. When you get these reminders, please do your best to confirm electronically. It truly helps us a lot and it is greatly appreciated.

These reminders always say your appointment is in Newton. It is a technical glitch that we are working out with our software company. Please disregard this and hopefully we will have it fixed soon.  If you are unsure at which address you are going to be seen, just call us.  In general, we are in Newton Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We are in the Westborough office Tuesdays and Thursdays. Again, this is generally speaking. Occasionally, this does get switched up for holidays and unforeseen events.

Call us with any questions.  Be well and stay safe.

Automated Appointment Reminders