COVID-19 and AsthmaMany patients have asked us about a connection between COVID and asthma. As of right now, asthma doesn’t seem to be a major risk factor for COVID-19 hospitalization or intubation according to a study in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society.

Researchers analyzed 15 studies of patients hospitalized for COVID-19. They found that the prevalence of asthma was similar between hospitalized COVID-19 patients and the general population at each study site.

Separately, among over 300 people admitted with COVID-19 at a Colorado hospital, intubation rates were similar between those with asthma and those without.

So while there are still lots of things to worry about, it seems like having asthma during this pandemic is not one of them. We are recommending a supplement with quercetin and vitamin C for our asthma patients especially if they are in the midst of their seasonal allergies. Combined these natural remedies have a synergistic effect of decreasing histamine release, and as a bonus they may have activity against COVID-19. Remember, healthy living is still the best way to prevent illness. Call us if you have any questions.