We are writing today to check up on everyone and make sure you are all healthy and coping in this truly unprecedented time. As the state starts to open up business slowly, we are here to help you maintain your health and well-being. We are starting to get a rush of calls so hopefully this is a sign that we are getting closer to normal. Both our Newton and Westborough offices are open and we are seeing patients Monday-Friday to help space out appointments and minimize contact time between patients. Each office is being used every other day to allow at least 40 hours for the treatment rooms to air out in addition to the sanitizing performed before and after each patient. At this time we are still not using our waiting rooms and instead are putting patients directly in a treatment room when they arrive. On rare occasions, we have asked patients to wait in their cars until we call them to come inside and we appreciate everyone’s patience with this process. As always, your health is our priority. Call us anytime with questions or to make an appointment (617-431-4451).

Bill and Kristin

COVID-19 Check In