On April 18th & 19th, Drs. Bill and Kristin Foley attended “ALF Approach Course.”

About the course:

As professional in the field of treating facial dysfunctions and mal occlusion there is an ever-expanding potency in the engagement of a collaborative process between osteopathy, dentistry and myofunctional therapist. This course will give you the Big Picture of the underlying etiologies and treatments for these dysfunctions. Including insight into the increasing airway dysfunction our patients are suffering.

  • Learn about Osteopathy and the ALF Process from one of the field’s most distinguished practitioners.
  • Discover what creates mal occlusions and learn how to assess the face, the oral cavity and the occlusion.
  • Learn how to diagnose ankyologlossis, TMD, and craniofacial dysfunction and how to approach it with an osteopathic perspective.
  • Be able to treat airway dysfunctions and sleep apnea.
  • Learn how the craniofacial soft tissue and the dental occlusion are interrelated.
  • Understanding the dynamics of facial growth and dysfunction influences clinical decision making with the ALF appliances
  • Understand the soft tissue and cranial motion complexes effect TMJ movement.

Learn the essentials of diagnosis and treating craniofacial and mal occlusions in a collaborative course with dentist, osteopathic physicians and myofunctional therapist.