The Artistic Essence of Osteopathy is an essay by Ambreen Wajid. Ambreen is one of the essay winners of the ASSSG annual scholarship. I loved this essay and got permission to post it on our website. — Dr. Bill Foley
In my mind’s eye, every osteopath embodies the spirit of an artist. They draw upon their personal experiences, knowledge, intuition, and creative prowess to sculpt a treatment tailored to the individual needs and conditions of each patient. Much like a skilled artist employs diverse mediums and techniques to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, osteopaths utilize a rich array of skills to evaluate and treat patients. This artistic approach to osteopathy transcends the superficial symptoms of illness.

While serving the underserved community in Bronx, I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power that we hold as osteopaths. I regularly encounter patients grappling with complex conditions, profound traumas, or mental stresses that have defied treatment elsewhere. Osteopathy presents a holistic approach that enables me to perceive each patient as a unique canvas, waiting to unveil their pure potential of health. Through osteopathy, I can forge profound connections and facilitate healing in ways that conventional medicine often falls short.

One memorable incident involved a patient who presented with a C2 dens fracture, an injury sustained during a traumatic car accident that had also taken the life of her adult son. As I escorted her from the waiting room to her second appointment, she shared a secret. For a year, she had been tormented by daily sleep disturbances, haunted by flashbacks of losing her son.

What struck me was that during her initial visit, she hadn’t divulged these deeply distressing symptoms. She didn’t perceive them as directly relevant to her hands-on treatment that day. However, she felt compelled to share her story as we walked down the hallway, as she had experienced something remarkable. One OMM appointment a week ago had triggered a profound change. She revealed that, since that appointment, she hadn’t experienced a single episode of the daily nightmares that had plagued her for a year. This patient’s experience illuminated the interconnectedness of the body’s health in ways that I am still trying to link on a mental, physical, physiological, and spiritual level.

During my residency, I became more committed than ever to exploring and applying diverse osteopathic lenses to my practice. An osteopathic treatment can uncover hidden connections and foster well-being in ways we might not initially anticipate. I aim to view each patient as a unique canvas, where osteopathy serves as the medium for healing. Moving ahead, my commitment lies in using this understanding to guide both my studies and practice of osteopathy. My aim is to bolster and amplify the body’s innate mechanisms, fostering a restoration of balance, and stimulating self-healing.

The Artistic Essence of Osteopathy